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Coaching Tips
Ideas and things to keep in mind when coaching a class.

Power Point Outline

Working Full Circle Sheet
3 Types of Coaching
Checklist for Phone Coaching
Coaching Tips Before, During and After
Overview of the Importance of Coaching

Set the Pace for Success

Coaching Your Hostess

Coaching Scripts
Scripts to Help You Coach Your Classes
Telephone Pre-Profiling and Coaching

Hostess Information
This is information you can use once you have booked a hostess to help make the class a success!
Silent Hostess Lipstick Selling Idea

Hostess Packet

Contents of a Hostess Packet

$100 Free to Party With Me


Hostess Plan

Let's Focus On You

$200 Free To Party With Me Labels

$200 Free to Party with Me



Recruiting Packet

This is No Fairytale

There are 168 Hours In a Week

Knowledge Is Power

Median Income for Millennials

2019 Starter Kit Flyer

Paper Agreement ( Purchase From MK Corp.)

Steps to Success (Purchase From MK Corp.)
Weekly Plan Sheet


Recruiting Interview
Use this information to book and conduct
an interview about the opportunity

The Ultimate Interview pg 1 | pg 2 - NEW!

5 New Recruits
DISC Interview Tips
Positive Question Openers

Information about Mary Kay
This information is great to give prospective team members so they can learn more about the company and opportunity.

Start Something Beautiful Starter Kit Sheet

Career at Any Age
Reasons to Start Mary Kay
Summer Pilot Recruiting Program


Opportunity Surveys
Have prospects fill one of these out after hearing
about the opportunity from you, on the hotline, or by watching the DVD.

Your Future is Now Opinion Poll


Sharing the Opportunity & Team Building Tips
Ideas for sharing the opportunity at Skin Care Classes and other appointments and some great tips and info.

Marketing PC

Coffee PC

Mk Conusultant PC

Purse Game
Recruiting Bag for the Car
1,2,3 Team Building by NSD Pam Shaw
Four Point Recruiting Plan
Who is a Quality Prospect?
Information on Team Building
Submitting a New Agreement

Gold Leaf Recruiting Close

What it Means to Be Red

Sharing Scripts
Scripts to Help You Share the Opportunity.
Overcoming Objections by NSD Cindy Fox
Approaches to Booking Recruiting Interviews
Summer Pilot Recruiting Scripts
Recruiting Conversations
Team Building Scripts
Scripts for Booking Interviews


After You Have Recruited

Information about what to do after you have made a new recruit
What To Do With An Extra $37,500 per year

Recruiter's Responsibilities


Follow Up and Follow Through

Follow Up and Follow Through for Results


Summer Pilot Program for Teachers

Summer Pilot Program Flyer


Building a Strong Team by Gloria Mayfield Banks

Building a Strong Team Part 1

Building a Strong Team Part 2


Welcome Packet

Welcome Letter

New Consultant Prizes


Chocolate Delight

Chocolate Delight Business Evaluation

Dear Friend Sheet


Coach Party

Coach Flyer

Script for Hostess

How to Have a Successful Coach Party


Closing Sheets

2019 Closing Sheet TW 3D


Tray Inserts

Volu-Firm with Facial Peel


Botanical Effect

Miracle Set 3D With Charcoal Mask

Miracle Set 3D with Facial Peel

Miracle Set 3D with Satin Lips & MDA

Volu-Firm TWR with MDA for ½ the Face


Other Information

Tell Us What You Think

Working Full Circle sheet

10-Week Show Tips | Booking Script
Loaded Face Case Contents
100 Basic Customers

2015 Let’s Go Shopping Look Book Game Instruction Sheet

Color Appointment

Second Appointment Flyer

Denise Crosby’s Hostess Plan

Frequent Shopper's Reward Card

Miracle Set Closing Sheet

Volu-Firm Closing Sheet

Botanicals Closing Sheet

PJ Party

PJ and Pedi Party Flyer
PJ and Pedi Party Agenda
PJ and Pedi Party Closing Sheet

PJ Party Skin Care Supplements

Cleta Colson’s Marketing/Closing

$100 Question

Indvidual Group Closing Sheet

Money Marketing Questions & Answers


Another Party Plan

Party Sheets

Closing Sheets


The Fabulous Game

Fabulous Referal Game

Fabulous Game for Parties and Facials


$80 for $40 Hostess Plan

$80 for $40 Hostess Plan Sheet

Outside Order Form


Elizabeth’s Hostess Packet

Contents of a Hostess Packet Sheet

$100 Free to Party with Me Sheet

Start Something Beautiful Sheet


Susan Moore's Class

3D and Color Opinion Poll-Perfect Palette

3D and Color Opinion Poll with Special Pricing-NEW

Freedom Family Ponder Pink Sheet

Repair Opinion Poll

Repair Opinion Poll Without Prices


Pampering Session

Skin Care Checklist

Timewise 3D Foundation Color Cosmetics Notebook

Color Checklist

Second Appointment Flyer


$100 Cash Hostess Promo

$100 Cash Hostess Promo Page 1

$100 Cash Hostess Promo Page 2


Time Management
This information will help you manage your time, get organized, and see what areas of your business can improve.
Daily Plan Sheet
Weekly Plan Sheet
Planning Your Month
Time Management w/ 6 Most Important Things List
Daily To Do List
Time and Office Management by Brigit Briddle

Money Management
Use this information to help keep your business

finances in order, focus on what activities will

make you money, and get ready for tax time.
Successful Money Practices
Money Lessons
Business Tracking Register
Expense Tracking Form
Weekly Accomplishment Sheet (WAS)
WAS Instructions
You Were Meant To Be Debt Free



January Special
New Year New You
New Year New You Postcard

New Year New You

Super Bowl Contest

Super Bowl Sale



Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - NEW

Valentine's Gift Certificates - NEW

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Ideas dialogue

Valentine's Gifts 2012

Pillow Gift for Wife

Guide to Romance

I Love You Gift Basket

Queen for a Day

Booking Hearts

Gift Tags

Valentine Wish List

Gift Certificate

Valentine's Gift Certificate

Mary Kay Valentine Special

Valentine's Selling Ideas

Adopt a Veteran



Clover Days Postcard

Eyes of March Postcard

Portfolio Script

March Scavenger Hunt





Easter Egg Warm Chatter

Honey Bunny Basket | Instructions


Administrative Professional's Day

Administrative Gift Certificate

Administrative Professional's Day

April Administrative Day Flyer


May Booking Dialogue


Mother's Day

Adopt A Mom

Helping Hands

Mother's Day Gift Certificate


Nurse's Day

Nurse's Day Gift Certificate


Teacher's Day

Teacher's Appreciation Poem

Corporate Gift Giving Services

Teacher Sale

Teacher's Appreciation Gift Certificate



Summer of Power

Super Summer Upsell


Operation Sunscreen - NEW

What is Operation Sunscreen

Care Package Receipt

Operation Sunscreen "Hostess" Packet

"Hostess" Packet Cover Page

How To Work In July


Back to School Silent Hostess
Back to School/Back to Work
Back to School Sale
Back to School Beauty in a Bag

Working Through Back to School



Fall Harvest Special



Pumpkin Marketing Tips
October Sales Ideas

Breast Cancer Penny Postcard

Holiday Action Sheet


Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Sachet

Breast Cancer Sachet - Thinking of You Parfum

Breast Cancer Sachet Oct 2015-City Scape Parfum

Chemo Care Package

Chemo Care Package 2



Halloween Coupon

Early Bird Sale

Bootiful Fun

Ghostbuster Scavenger Hunt


$10 Gift Certificate
Halloween Ideas
Halloween Treat Bags Postcards
Ghost Envelope
Halloween Inserts

Ghostly Hostess Treat

Halloween Old Look Postcard



Pink Wednesday Postcard

Pink Friday Postcard

Join During the Holidays

Turkey Team

Thanksgiving Fun Pack

Thanksgiving Shop-A-Thon



Selling to Men

Holiday Stop & Shop

New Tree December Promotion

Christmas Gift Certificate

Merry Christmas PC

12 Days of Christmas

12 Hours of Christmas

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

$16,000 Holiday Plan

Holiday Open House Reminder Postcard

Just for Christmas-Christmas Club Program

Holiday Strategy Handbook

Holiday Strategies

Holiday Action Sheet

Holiday Wish List

Holiday Open House 101

How to Have Successful Open House

Open House Invitation

After Open House

Adopt A Grandparent Brochure

Adopt A Grandparent Letter

Holiday Strategy for Corporate Gift Service

Pre-Plan Your Holiday Strategy


Holiday Coffees

What goes in your Holiday Basket

Agenda for Holiday Coffees

Close Sheet



10 and In

Skills Line 1

How to Become a Sales Director in 6 Months

12 Week Plan to Earn Your Car

10 Steps To Your Red Jacket
Consultant Path vs Director Path
The Test
Career Path

Moving into Red Jacket

Helpful ideas on how to become a Star Team Builder and move into Red Jacket.

The Power Plan


Grand Achiever



Dear Husband's & Significant Others:

First of all, as a fellow member of this fraternity, I welcome you to the Mary Kay family and more notably to the Elder Unit family. The support you express toward your wife's business is so greatly appreciated. It is here, in the "Husband's Corner", that I will provide helpful thoughts & tips to assist you in this new & exciting journey we fondly call: The Mary Kay Lifestyle!

* Do whatever it takes to keep the schedule clear for your wife to make her weekly Training Meeting. Encourage her to NEVER miss this event, as she will gain helpful business training & tips, as well as, a much needed dose of motivation!

* If your wife is new to the business, she may not yet be able to express clearly her vision for your family's future. If you have questions that she fails to adequately answer, please feel free to contact her Sales Director, Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a vested interest in her SUCCESS, and so, with the benefit of greater experience will, no doubt, be able to address your concerns. Additionally, please feel free to attend, with your spouse, any of the numerous guest events offered locally. At this event you will witness the delivery of the Career Marketing Plan by a veteran Sales Director or National Sales Director.


To contact Jeff Elder directly, please email your questions to:


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Pink Link with Suzanne Brothers


Foundation Product Peek





Foundation Primer Application Tips


Foundation Brush Application Tips




Save the Nation with Foundation



Helpful Documents:

TimeWise Luminous-Wear Fact Sheet
TimeWise Matte-Wear Fact Sheet
TimeWise Foundation Survey
Mary Kay Foundation Primer Fact Sheet
Foundation Primer
Foundation Survey
Foundation Party Placemat
Foundation Shade Comparison Chart
Foundation Flier
Managing Your Inventory

Foundation Conversion Chart -NEW