Meet Elizabeth


2018 Family Vacation in Utah!!

Elizabeth’s Accolades

Future National Sales Director Elizabeth Elder has been married to her husband Jeff for 28 years. They have 2 amazing children, Brent who is 23…and just entered Medical School, and Trish who is 19…will be starting her sophomore year in college next month, and our fur baby Julio.

Elizabeth Joined Mary Kay December 12, 1994…She earned her first free car one year later and has been driving FREE ever since. She has earned 11 Cars total… AND 6 out of the 11 being those gorgeous Pink Cadillacs….soon to be picking up her 7th Pink Cadillac!!!

Elizabeth debuted as an Independent Sales Director in November 1996. She has been a Star Consultant 93 quarters earning fabulous prizes quarterly from the company since 1994!!

She has been in the National Court of Sales 6 times earning 3 beautiful diamond and gemstone rings, an iPad 4 and an entertainment package including a TV with a home theater system and cash prizes.

She has been a Double Star Winner 5 times and has walked across the stage at Seminar in the Unit Circles 15 times; including $300,000, $350,000, $400,000, $450,000 and 3 times in the HALF MILLION DOLLAR CIRCLE…earning 3 gorgeous diamond rings for a total of 14 carats all together plus a cash prize!!

Her highest MONTHLY commission check was in excess of $11,500!!! Her commission check for that month PLUS her retail sales totaled over $15,000!!

Elizabeth is a Mary Kay Millionaire earning over 1.5 Million in her Mary Kay career.

Elizabeth currently has 4 First Line Offspring Sales Directors; 4 Second Line Offspring Sales Directors; and 1 Third Line Offspring Sales Directors; and a DIQ!

Elizabeth’s passion and mission for this business is enriching women’s lives externally, internally and eternally! Her dream is to debut as a BRAND NEW NATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR, June, 2018, and to pass on Mary Kay’s legacy around the world!!